Project Packer Features

ProjectPacker provides our best-in-class automatic nesting web service for a wide range of users — from individuals to managers of multiple user environments to service bureaus.


Our mission is to maximize your time and materials for our customers by making an easy and fast web tool for efficiently prepping CAD files for laser cutting and 3D printing. We offer a number of powerful features:

• Nesting tool for laser cutting and other fabrication devices
• Robust file exchange tool
• Cloud-based storage
• Easy to Use: step-by-step user interface
• Ability to work with used materials (ie. existing cuts/holes)
• Support for both individuals and groups
• Web-based service: no software to download/install

More About Our Features

   Print/Make Faster!

If you don’t have nesting software, you might spend 10-20 minutes adjusting the layout of your file(s) to optimize for the machine and material you plan to use. ProjectPacker saves you time and money, by laying out your design more effectively to use less material.

   Multi-User Support

Whether you are a professional, DIY enthusiast or manager of a maker space, ProjectPacker can help you organize designs fast and easily. We’ve designed our solution to work for individuals as well as multi-user environments — including maker spaces, service bureaus, workshops and schools.
Our solution let’s a manager select uploaded files from multiple users and specify how many designs need to nested at one time. Helpful if you are running a job for multiple people on one type of material.

   Optimize Material - Reduce Waste

Modern hardware does not necessarily lead to optimal material utilization. Unless you use nesting software to optimize your cut design, the net result is typically scraps of leftover material. ProjectPacker gives you better yield and reduces waste.

   Cloud File Exchange

Included with your ProjectPacker solution is a cloud-based file storage and management system. We provide you the ability to upload multiple file formats of your designs. Similarly, our goal is easily export the file formats you need. Common laser cut file types we support are: DXF, PDF, SVG and PDF.

Feature To Project Mapping

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